When the call comes, nothing is more important than how fast you react!

Fight fires from above in the Cougar medium utility helicopter or swerve from the beaten track in the MOOSE pickup truck to take on tier-1 operations with new weapons and equipment, from pistols and rifles to remote-controlled mortars and micro-drones in various new and expansive single-player and multiplayer scenarios. The Reaction Forces Creator DLC for Arma 3 is the ultimate response to any situation on the battlefield!

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Reaction Forces adds a vast variety of new toys to the Arma 3 base game:

Playable Content

  • "Air Control" dynamic campaign (SP and COOP 12 players)
  • "QRF" game mode (SP and COOP 6 players)
  • "Cashpoint" game mode for Malden and Tanoa (TDM 10 players)
  • "Training Day" scenario (SP)
  • "Fire Season" scenario (SP)

Vehicles and Static

  • MOOSE Pickup vehicle in military and civilian variants with additional customization options
  • Cougar helicopter in military and civilian variants with additional customization options
  • Hellcat helicopter armed and unarmed variant with additional customization options
  • 120 mm Twin Mortar remote controlled static turret
  • 60 mm Commando Mortar static turret and backpack
  • RC-40 grenade launcher fired mini-UAV (scout)
  • RC-40 HE/Smoke grenade launcher fired mini-UAV (loitering munition)

Weapons and Attachments

  • HADES H6 5.56 mm Rifle
  • Veles 12.7 mm Rifle
  • Veles GL 12.7 mm Rifle
  • Veles-S 12.7 mm Rifle
  • Mk26 L5 .50 AE Pistol
  • G19 9 mm Pistol
  • G19A 9 mm (automatic) Pistol
  • Gatling 12.7x99 mm aircraft weapon pod
  • Autocannon 20x102 mm aircraft weapon pod
  • DAR/DAGR x19 aircraft missile pod
  • Tratnyr HE/AP x16 aircraft missile pod
  • Rahim 7.62 mm (Black/Tan) variants
  • Vermin SMG .45 ACP (Black) variant
  • 5.56 mm AP (Black Tip) ammo and magazine types
  • VRCO rifle optics
  • VRCO-S pistol optics
  • RDS pistol optics
  • ACO optic desert and woodland texture variants
  • Pistol IR Flashlight
  • Pistol Laser Pointer
  • 12.7 mm Sound Suppressor
  • 12.7 mm Large Sound Suppressor
  • 6.5 mm Tactical Suppressor

Clothes and Gear

  • Leather Jacket (open/closed)
  • Shape Breaker helmet variants
  • Heavy Combat Helmet
  • Heli Pilot Helmet
  • Heli Pilot Coveralls
  • Firefighter Fatigues
  • Full Brim Hard Hat
  • Duffle Bag
  • TNVG-B Thermal Imaging Goggles
  • Common Glasses
  • Guerilla Combat Uniform
  • Guerilla Apparel (Rolled-up)
  • Carrier Lite Rig (Black, No Flag)
  • Tactical Vest Rig
  • Colored steerable parachutes and backpacks for civilians
  • Scenario themed "U.S. Army Firefighters" and "Special Forces" insignias
  • 2 new character faces

Ambience and Scenery Objects

  • Full new soundtrack
  • 1000L Helicopter Buckets
  • Sling-load ready Cargo Box scenery objects
  • Sling-load ready Mortar cargo container and cover scenery objects
  • Banner scenery objects
  • Duffle Bag scenery objects
  • Gatling 12.7 mm scenery objects
  • Autocannon 20 mm scenery objects
  • DAR/DAGR x19 pod scenery objects
  • Tratnyr HE/AP x16 pod scenery objects
  • ATM monitor helper object with various status texture variants
  • Glasses scenery object
  • Burnt tree scenery and extra large scorch mark decal objects
  • Chainsaw scenery objects
  • Helicopter part scenery objects
  • Static animations for sceenshot makers

Modules and Mechanics

  • Hit Indicator effects module
  • Wildfire mechanics module
  • Waterbombing waypoint types (collect and drop water for AI)
  • The Advanced Helicopter Flight Model HUD gauges can be enabled in standard mode (Options > Game > Difficulty > Category: Reaction Forces)

Composed by Filip Olejka with David Olejka and Matej Tkac, and produced by Rotators Collective.

The Official Soundtrack includes 11 tracks with a total duration of 38 minutes, curated from the all-new in-game ambient music for the best possible listening experience outside of the game.

Filip Olejka is a Slovak music composer and arranger known for his musical contributions to numerous successful projects under the umbrella of Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe's music production company, "14th Street Music." He has collaborated directly with Balfe on projects such as "Life on Our Planet," produced by Steven Spielberg and narrated by Morgan Freeman, "Man vs. Bee" starring Rowan Atkinson, and "The Wheel of Time" on Amazon Prime. Filip has also produced and created several library albums for Audio Network, Film Riot, and Fontana Studio. Some of these albums were recorded at prestigious locations such as Abbey Road, Air Studios, and Synchron Stage in Vienna.

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